Time to listen, to explain, to answer questions

Many optometrists do not enjoy their job. This is sad and I am very glad that I enjoy my eye testing here at Eyeye. One of the main reason I do (and they don’t) is that I have enough time to do my eye tests. I am not up against the clock, knowing there are piles of people waiting outside to be seen. More time means time to look at pictures, discuss test results, compare new with old prescriptions and discuss different options for visual correction during sports and hobbies.

The other reason many of my fellow professionals are miserable is that they are under pressure to sell. To up-sell coatings, additional pairs of specs, hearing tests etc. Not only is it questionable whether this is ethical it is also uses up valuable time, that we’ve already said is pressured.

But, if you test quicker and up-sell then the accountants in the head office overseas somewhere will keep off your back and that is a good thing isn’t it ….

This week we have had 2 people in from 3 of the big high street names saying they felt their prescription was wrong and that their test was rushed. It was nice spending a bit of time with them.

Karl Hallam