Visual solutions for triathletes

We are an opticians who love helping people enjoy their sporting activities outdoors around Sheffield. This includes triathletes.

People who need specs to see face additional challenges when they compete in the sport of triathlon. We love helping people get the best visual solution so people who love to swim, then ride and then run can enjoy their sport as much as possible.

Recently we’ve supplied prescription swimming goggles (only £20) that have made the swim safer and quicker. We’ve also done numerous pairs of prescription cycling/running specs/shades too, that have helped people feel more relaxed and comfortable on the saddle or the road (from £90 – final price depends on strength needed, as all are bespoke orders).

While contact lenses (£35 for 30 pairs) are great for cycling and running, they should not be worn for swimming in. Why? Well, unfortunately wearing lenses in water puts you at increased risk of a nasty (difficult to diagnose and treat) infection called acanthamoeba. That means contact lenses can be worn for cycling and running training, but not racing. We understand this is obviously very frustrating!

What does this mean in practical terms? It means wearing prescription goggles for the swim and the run to your bike. Getting changed and then slipping your cycle/run specs on after helmet has gone on (style dictates specs sides worn outside helmet straps please).

All, the above is focused (no pun intended) on the vision in the distance, but triathletes over 40 will know that close work is an issue too. Seeing your Garmin/phone is important when you are up against the clock/trying to hit certain numbers, as is seeing the menu in the café too. This is an issue we are used to helping with too and specialist specs are available in varifocal format and we can even tweak swimming goggles too.

Pop in and have a chat about how we might help you.

Karl Hallam