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We seek out interesting new frames all the time, have a browse at some of our favourites below.

Better still, pop into the shop (opposite the Forum on Devonshire Street) to try a few on - we'll say hello and explain how things work and then leave you to it or help you out if you prefer.  We're a cycle friendly optometrist - bikes are welcome in our shop, don't lock it up outside, wheel it in. Dogs are welcome too. Dogs on bikes even more so. Woof!  

We’re also supporters of the Ofo bike scheme (nice of them to brand them in our yellow too).  

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Independent Collection

Independent labels, wooden and recycled frames.

In our independent label range, we have handpicked frames from the UK and all over the world - many of which we’ve selected not just for their beauty and quality, but also for their ethical and eco credentials.

These include:

  • Banton frames, lovingly handmade in the UK by Lucy and Jamie next to a lake outside Glasgow. The UK once produced five million spectacle frames per year. From an industry of almost 1,000 factories, now only a handful remain - and we're keen to support the best of them.
  • Sea2see frames are made from ocean plastics from abandoned fishing nets and plastic ropes fished out of the sea outside Barcelona.  
  • Our ECO frames - are made from plant based and recycled materials. They plant one tree for every frame sold. (They also have a little magnetic strip where you can clip on some polaroid sunnies - in different colours too.)  
  • We also do beautifully made affordable wooden frames too, which are really eye catching.

Our independent collection cost: £200 for single vision and £300 multifocal. The price includes everything: unhurried eye test, frame, lenses, and anti-scratch and anti reflection finish. Check out our full price list here.



Kids deserve better too!

The NHS still makes some contributions to the eyecare of under 18s in education. The way we do it means there is no charge for an eye exam - all kids need annual exams from the age of 3, earlier if there is a strong family history or if you suspect a problem. Don't wait for the school test, it won't necessarily happen and misses a lot out. Besides a proper eye test is fun and parents can relax on the sofa in the consulting room during the tests.

Kids range cost:  £45. The price includes everything: unhurried eye test, frame, lenses, and anti-scratch and anti reflection finish. 



For your holidays, to look cool and protect your eyes.

You can pick any of our frames to turn into sunnies or we have some incredibly cool ready to wear ones with no prescription and even some made from plastic recycled from the sea!

Sunglasses with no prescription cost: £100. If you want a prescription pair add £25 for tinting or £50 for polarised or £75 for photochromic (ones that change from dark to clear).




Run, ride, swim, climb ...

Being so close to the Peaks in the #OutdoorCity, many of our customers love the outdoors as much as we do, and we love helping our customers ‘be active’- prescription goggles for the wild swimmers, multifocal contact lenses for the runners, and boulderers, or cycling glasses for up and down Surprise View. We're a cycle friendly optometrist - supporters of the Ofo bikes scheme (nice of them to brand them in our yellow too).  Bikes (and dogs) are welcome in our shop.

Contact lenses can make a huge difference for sports like football, rugby, netball or tennis and there are not age restrictions to wear. So, if you have a sporty young person in your household we can help.

Contact us to see how we can help. 

Send us pics of your eyeye wear in action!



Contact Lenses

Yes we do do contact lenses. Great for sports, going out either to a gig or to a restaurant (yes, we can do lenses that allow you to leave reading specs at home) or if you want to wear non-prescription sunglasses. Simple ordering, no need for complicated schemes you have to sign up to. Fitting is included in the price of an eye exam and we will explain how to use them safely and of course put them in and take them out.

Pricing is straightforward too, with a month's worth (30 pairs) of dailies £35 for single vision and £45 for multifocal.

Contact us for details.