Our philosophy is about doing optics better.

  • Better eye tests - we listen, take our time, explain and do no up-selling.

  • Better value - all-in-one prices, no sneaky add-ons, inclusive finishes.

  • Better products - quality frames, with no logos/writing on the sides.

  • Better service - personal, with opinions and some humour.

The New Economic Forums’ 5 ways to wellbeing underpin our offer and everything we do.

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1. We take notice

Founding Optometrist Karl believes that most eye exams carried out in England are not good enough. This is why our eye tests are unhurried and slots are an hour apart. We look out for changes in your eyes and the way you use them. We are thorough, detailed and highly experienced - you could say there's more to it than meets the eye. We notice the nano and marvel at the micro! We take note of your individual requirements and lifestyle, so if you want our opinion as to what really suits your face shape and personality, we’re happy to give it!

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From the curious kids who ask the best questions, to the 60+-rebels who don't want to be made to feel invisible. Oh, and everyone in between. We connect in a South Yorkshire way, which means we are kind, straight talking, uncompromising and yes, occasionally, a bit narky if we feel things are unfair.

We enjoy what we do, and have fun doing it. Many people connect with us because of the stylish products we sell, but we’re ‘accessible cool’, and have something for everyone of all ages. We love connecting with other like-minded independents too - so if you share our values, get in touch!

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3. Always learning

We love to learn, about the latest developments in science and technology, about the world, and, of course, about our customers. We know that a love of learning and sense of wonderment is shared by many of our customers too. That’s why we offer to send you the data we collect during your eye test - we think you deserve to marvel at your own uniqueness. And if you’re interested in science, keep an eye out for our events and testy blogs too.

Each year, we’re do a pop up event as part of the very wonderful Festival of Debate and put on other events under the them #MoreThanMeetsTheEye - our store is a great venue.


4. We're active

Being so close to the Peaks, in the Outdoor City, many of our customers love the outdoors as much as we do, and we love helping our customers ‘be active’ - prescription goggles for the wild swimmers, multifocal contact lenses for the runners and boulderers, or cycling glasses for up and down Surprise View. We are active in seeking out opportunities to do more - “we take the opportunity to do more if we can.”

We actively seek out beautiful frames from all over the world (it’s hard job, but someone’s got to do it), are active in our local community (ask us about our local supply chain), and are politically active too. Who doesn’t love a good rant for the right reasons? And it goes without saying that our shop is bike and dog friendly.

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5. We give

Being polite and treating people well is important to us. Fairness is important too so we have a fair pricing policy - you can see the total price for all our glasses, including lenses, finishes etc when you come into the shop.

Karl, our founding optometrist, is so passionate about eye tests, he doesn’t want to keep the magic to himself. That’s why, on his day off, you’ll find him teaching new students about eye tests at University.

We think eyes are pretty awesome, and we take a video of your eye and a retina pic of your eye which we will talk through with you in the consultation. Unlike some opticians, where knowledge is seen as leverage for extra sales, we like to give our customers their data back. Beautifully packaged. Obvs.

We give back to our local community through our ethical, local supply chain - it’s only a short dash to our lab on Ecce road where our frames are glazed and assembled.