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Style, ethics and quality are less pricey than you think - good value and good values

Introduction to the story of better

Our philosophy is about doing optics better.

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Better eye tests

We listen, take our time, explain and do no up-selling.

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Better value

All-in-one prices, no sneaky add-ons, inclusive finishes.

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Better products

Quality frames, with no logos/writing on the sides

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Better service

Personal, with opinions and some humour.


Fan Mail

That’s it, done, never going anywhere else. Absolutely gorgeous frames, and the most wonderful staff. Actually enjoyed shopping for glasses for the first time ever!
— Jessica Abouzeid
Best eye test I have ever had very thorough explained everything. Lovely staff. Can’t wait for my new specs too.
— Wendy Key
Very impressed. Friendly and helpful staff. Detailed eye test with excellent, unhurried, consultation and explanation. Many lovely frames to choose from, perfect amount of assistance to help with the decision. Thanks!
— Hannah Edwards
I walked past here a few times thinking it looked way too ‘cool’ for a woman in her mid 40s. But I couldn’t have been more wrong! Warm and friendly service from super knowledgeable and passionate peeps with great values. And let me bring my dog in too!
— Justine Gaubert

Better, up-front & All-inclusive pricing.

  • Spectacles are £100, £200 or £300 and include single vision lenses.

  • For varifocals add £125.

  • When you have more than 1 pair, you get 25% off the lowest price one.

  • Hard coats and anti-reflection finishes are included.

  • It is the same price with clear lenses or as prescription sunglasses.

  • It is the same price if you need a bit of thinning - 1.6 lenses.

  • For higher prescriptions (approx above +/-5.00) add £75 for high-index thinner lenses - we will help you pick frames that give you the best result.

  • For lenses that change in the sunlight - photochromic - add £75.

  • Contact lenses £35 for a month’s supply of single vision dailies, £45 multifocals.

  • If you need an unhurried eye test the cost is £30.

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#morethanmeetstheeye Events


Every so often we run lovely events in Sheffield, check back here to see what we’re up to.