Reduce single-use plastics

Get some specs and get a free refillable/reusable lens spray (organic too!). Bring it back, get a refill, have a chat. Bring it back, get a refill, have a chat ….

When we first had the idea of a refillable bottle for lens cleaning spray we were not sure what was the best thing to do - glass or aluminium container maybe? So, we asked Professor Tony Ryan, director of Sheffield University's Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures for advice. From a Life Cycle Analysis perspective he suggested we should use a robust PET bottle and make sure the labelling was very clear about it being reusable and refillable (Read about PET on Wrap's website here). In addition we have being putting customer name labels on the bottles too - thinking that we are much less likely to throw away something with our name on it!

Karl Hallam