Don't swim in contact lenses due to danger of Acanthamoeba

Simple message really - don’t wear your contact lenses when you are swimming, in the shower or in a jacuzzi. We know it is tempting, but it is not worth the risk. Don’t expose them to water in your lens case and ensure you dry your hands thoroughly before handling lenses.

Am amazing woman called Irenie Ekkeshis has done great work raising awareness after getting the infection a few years ago. She has had years of awful treatments and lost sight. I saw her present with a Professor from Moorfields and since then I have been inspired to play my part in putting across the message. See here for more on her.

I love outdoor swimming and did wear my lenses in the past, but never do now. I wear £25 prescription googles and they are great. Feel free to contact us and we will order some for you to try out.

A BBC story here on Irenie too

Karl Hallam