Why don't World Cup refs wear glasses?

“Come on ref didn’t you see that, are you blind?”. The introduction of VAR at the World Cup means referees get a second chance on some decisions now. When they go and look in that little monitor cubicle there should not be a vision issue, just interpretation differences. But, why don’t they wear glasses. Well, one can presume they are wearing contact lenses, have had LASER surgery or really can’t see what is going on!

I test the eyes of lots of people who wear specs for everything expect sport. In fact, I play football with some who do this and you know what – they are very slow to spot a pass. However, like any good long-standing men’s 5-aside most don’t know my job and I don’t know what they do and that is the way we like it.

I wear contact lenses for sport (expect swimming – got prescription goggles for that) and love them but feel no need to wear them during the day or going out. Daily lenses make this affordable and convenient and we don’t force you on to some direct debit scheme – pay as you use.

Always loved the refereeing in Kes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9nDHupVqVw

Karl Hallam