"Cheaper than we expected" - Frame only £80 or £140

We love it when people come in because another customer has recommended us. Thanks to everyone who has done so - we're proud of our reviews.

We, like any other business, have to think about attracting people through our door and having events like our #enjoytheview poetry event with Helen Mort is part of that - as well as the fact we like putting on enjoyable happenings.

Some people come in and express surprise that we are "cheaper than expected". It is sort of a backhanded compliment - good that we look look classy, bad that that might mean our prices are exclusive.

We don't advertise on price, but do advertise our transparent/all-inclusive prices - knowing the price at the start, not the end is a USP we are proud of.

However, perhaps we should be a bit more upfront about actual figures - so here goes.

We have just 2 "frame only" prices; 1. £75 - core #nologo range; 2. £125 - craft #independent range.

If you want to see all prices then go here - note includes eye test, frame, lenses and finishes - https://www.eyeyesheffield.co.uk/pricing/ - that info is on the wall when you walk in the door - in writing that if you struggle to read you might need new specs!

Karl Hallam