Eye Test? 20 minutes ain't enough.

Completing a thorough eye test in 20 minutes is frankly a bit of a rush job at best. Yet the big high street opticians book, push 25 minute slots as standard!

But, does a healthy young adult with no obvious problems really need as much time as someone worried about cataracts?

Well... yes. I think they do.
And I have years of experience and insight to back this up.

Before setting up our independent practice, I worked in many such places, trying to give patients the care and attention they needed in a fully booked 25 minute clinic. It was very stressful!

Regrettably, I even consulted for a day in an establishment where the slots were just 20 minutes ...but spent the entire day wishing I hadn't.

What's more, I knew it wasn't good for most customers either. And, sadly, experiences like this seem to be fitted as standard with too many of our high street opticians. In a mad push for 'convenience', a fundamentally vital service based on sound optometry has been denuded. Standards have slipped, dropped or overlooked in favour of up-selling and fast-track sales.

We set up Eyeye in Sheffield’s city centre for people who are always looking for better - better eye exams, better, fresher styles ...a better experience!

These are people who:
•    want to be given time to explain their visual concerns and needs; 
•    want to be shown their test results and pictures and have them explained;
•    want to feel there is time for it to be OK to not be sure whether it is “better with or without”;
•    want to get the chance to ask questions and say what they are worried about;
•    want time and help to pick frames that fit well and look good;
•    want to feel we have taken notice of them and connected to them as an indivdual;
•    are Looking for Better.
I also set up EYEYE as I was looking for a better way for my staff and I to earn a living. Doing unhurried, thorough and relaxed eye exams is enjoyable and it is great to hear people say afterwards that the whole experience was so much better than other visits to the optician.
You can book an EYEYE test online www.eyeyesheffield.co.uk or call us on 0114 249 8288 or best still pop in to see us at 112 Devonshire Street, Sheffield S3 7SF.
1.    Appointments run from 9.30-17.30 weekdays– with an hour for each slot.
2.    The cost of the eye exam is included in the all-in-one prices (frame, lenses, finishes and eye test).
3.    An eye test only is £40.
4.    Kids tests are free (funded by NHS).

Karl Hallam