Our Team

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I set up EYEYE for people who are looking for better eyecare and eyewear. I've done various other jobs over the last 25 years and try to bring that wider experience into running our store. We are different to other opticians, we take our time more, we don't sell you stuff you don't need, we wear jeans in the winter and shorts in the summer and we make lots of bad jokes. Our aim is that you enjoy coming to us and feel you have been looked after properly. That's it.

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I've enjoyed being an optical consultant from the moment I started, the fact I get to make it far more personalised for each individual and that they see me as a helping hand rather than a sales rep is so much more enjoyable. I have always been passionate about building a good rapport with each person that comes through the door & here at EYEYE I know the customer and myself will receive that first name basis, friendly, comfortable vibe.

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I love working at EYEYE as it has such a great energy. I look forward to coming to work (and not just to look at new glasses on the sly, but that too!) and getting to have a chat with the customers, Alison and Karl.